Punching the Clown – Review

Posted January 23, 2009 in
Punching the Clown

Slamdance Film Festival

Director: Gregori Viens

Musical comedian, Henry Phillips, stars in this twisted comedy as…a musical comedian named Henry Phillips. Ok, so it’s not the most original idea, but this satirical observation of the Hollywood dream and those who control it from behind the curtains is funny enough to pass inspections. As a drifting folk singing comedian roaming the country, Phillips makes his way to Los Angeles, and due to a fortunate mishap, achieves the music career he always dreamed about. However, he soon learns there’s a price to be paid for notoriety and grandeur. The film’s entirety is just filler to get Phillips on stage in front of the camera to perform his ingenious songs. One may question why a live concert/documentary film wasn’t created instead of producing a basic script and forcing someone who is clearly not an actor into a lead role, especially when the majority of the film is of Phillips performing. However, when a man stands before a Christian fundraiser, and sings of crack, hookers, and the apocalypse, you can’t help but smile.

- Jimmy Martin