Slamdance Film Review: Vipaka

Posted January 31, 2013 in


Slamdance Film Festival

Director: Philippe Caland


Former therapist/current life coach Thomas Carter (Anthony Mackie) has just released his self-help book and is on the road to success when his brother, Ben (Mike Epps), shows up and threatens to unearth haunting moments from Tommy's past. In an attempt to make some quick cash to pay off his troubled brother, Tommy adds several additional days to his book tour and takes on a new client named Angel (Forest Whitaker). As Tommy attempts to help Angel deal with the death of his mother—for $300 an hour—more skeletons come out of Tommy's closet. But when Angel takes Tommy hostage in his bomb-shelter basement, shoves a spike through his leg and forces him to reveal secrets about his past in exchange for pain medications, is Angel having a mental breakdown or does he know more about Tommy's past than he lets on? All the questions are answered after Angel lures Ben and Tommy's wife, Maggie (Sanaa Lathan), into his snare. Based on Caland's previous film The Guru and the Gypsy, Vipaka is a vicious lesson about Karma. Epps puts forth a powerful performance for a supporting role, and the ambiguous ending is a satisfying breakaway from the norm.


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Date: 1.20, 12:30 PM Venue: Treasure Mountain Inn, Main Screening Room