SLUG SXSW 2014 Stats – Day Three 03.13


SLUGger: Cody Kirkland, Digital Content Coordinator
Number of shows: 4
Number of FREE alcoholic beverages: 1
Food item of the day: Real Ale Picazzo ESB at Ginger Man
Number of parties attended: 1
Number of people who asked me if I’m from Austin based on my appearance: 1
Amount of swag: 1 bag Cool Ranch Doritos, 1 pair American Hustle Aviator sunglasses, 1 Sprint iPhone case, 1 Beats Music T-shirt. The Doritos are the only thing I’ll use.

-9:00 p.m. People Under the Stairs/Pandora Showcase @ The Gatsby = Both Thumbs Up
-10:45 p.m. Ex Hex/Merge showcase @ Parish = Thumbs Sideways
-11:45 p.m. Wye Oak/Merge showcase @ Parish = Both Thumbs Up
-1:00 a.m. Black Lips/ VICE Records showcase @ The Main = Thumbs Up

 Best show of the day:
-11:45 p.m. Wye Oak/Merge showcase @ Parish

This was the best-sounding show I’ve ever heard, and my favorite SXSW performance so far. Wye Oak sounded perfect and the person controlling the lighting is a damn artiste. The duo played crowd favorites like “Holy Holy” from Civilian and a ton of new songs from their forthcoming LP—the new songs are very synth and beat-heavy, straying from Wye Oak’s folk-informed sound. They pulled the synthpopification off really well—Andy Stack had integrated a trigger pad to his drum kit and Jenn Wasner juggled bass, guitar and synth duties while still bobbing and singing in her signature sweet and mournful style. I met Wasner a few months ago at Burt’s in SLC when she was touring as bassist for polyrhythmic noisemongers Horse Lords, who played to an audience of 10 people. In Wye Oak, Wasner and Stack packed the Parish to the gills. The impatient old people placidly biding their time to see Bob Mould must have had their prescription earplugs in too tight. Wye Oak are playing at Mellow Johnny’s today (03.14) and at Red 7 tomorrow (03.15) so if you’re in Austin, don’t miss ‘em.