FICE Fundraiser

Posted December 2, 2009 in

FICE invited anyone and everyone to exhibit their art on their walls for the November Gallery Stroll. The idea was simple—hustle some art for people for a commission. The result—a two-story mural painted by graf artists El Mac and Retna—was extraordinary. FICE not only found a way to fund their gift to our lovely city, they also helped out local artists.
On Nov. 21, Gallery Stroll patrons gathered at FICE to experience Art For Everyone—and it truly was for everyone. All mediums—oils, acrylics, spray paint, film, and even a pair of mannequin legs—graced the same walls. The vastly different styles that each artist brought to the table guaranteed everyone got their fix. FICE creates an environment for art and community—which is exactly what our city needs.

I had the opportunity to spend a few minutes talking to some of the artists so first, I caught up with Casey Blandford, a mixed-media artist. I asked him who or what inspires him and he responded, “I do my best to find inspiration everywhere, not just from art but everyday life too. Although, I think what inspires me most is the natural world. I find nature to be infinitely beautiful, and an endless source of inspiration.” In three words, he describes is art as a “work in progress.”

I also got to pick the brains of Nelson Medina, 16 years old, and Alex Huggins, 14 years old. For two kids who aren’t even old enough to buy beer, they were insightful and wise beyond their years. They collaborated on a graffiti-inspired piece painted with acrylic paints. When I asked how they get out of a creative funk, Huggins told me, “I separate myself from society. [I try] to step out of an uncomfortable zone into a comfortable zone.” In three words, they described their art as “emotional, deep and story-telling.” I asked them what they would like other people to get from their art and Medina said, “I want them to create a story out of their imagination from the art.” Watch out folks, these two are about to mob the Salt Lake art scene.    

The show will hang until the third week of Dec. Drop by the shop at 160 E. 200 S. to check out the mural and the exhibit. Check out SLUG's photo gallery of the opening here