Finally a Local Podcast Worth a Damn

In a world corrupted by stuffy, pretentious professional movie critics, two men are bringing movie criticism back to the streets: Adam Palcher and Adam Sherlock are A DAMN PODCAST. Each week, the Adams ("Adam," "A DAMN," get it?) send their impassioned, insightful and often hilarious film-related rants and raves into internetland for the world to consume. Palcher and Sherlock, who are both veterans of the Salt Lake music scene, have been embraced not only by the local community (their podcast is sponsored by Brewvies and recently received City Weekly's "Best Local Podcast" Arty Award) but by listeners from all around the world. I recently had the chance to talk to Palcher and Sherlock about their podcast as well as podcasts and movie criticism in general.
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With the advent of the internet, the media has been put directly into the public's hands. Websites run by movie fans such as Ain't it Cool News hold just as much sway over public opinion as established critics like Roger Ebert. Sherlock said, "The internet changed everything - It put everyone on a level playing field, so now people can read what professional movie critics and uber-nerds and just normal people think about movies." Even more recently, the availability of cheap video and audio recording technology has allowed normal people to create their own media, whether they be videos posted to YouTube or their own personal radio shows in the form of podcasts. Sherlock said, "The ultimate selling point of the podcast is that it's really just people shooting from the hip and speaking their minds without being censored by anyone."

Both Palcher and Sherlock started listening to podcasts to pass time at work, and both soon become avid fans of the medium. Sherlock said, "We've always liked to talk shit on movies, and since we both listen to podcasts all day at work, it seemed like a natural move for us to make our own podcast." Palcher holds a film degree and serves as one of SLUG's DVD reviewers, but he was quick to point out, "Most of our experience comes from just sitting around and watching a ton of movies together." Sherlock added, "We used to live together and we'd watch movies and talk about movies all the time, so all we're doing now is re-creating that and recording it for other people to listen to." Each episode of A DAMN PODCAST focuses on two different films: a main film that is usually considered a classic in some sense (The Departed, Apocalypse Now) and one that is part of a "Film Festival" that runs for several weeks (westerns and the films of Terrence Madlick are recent categories). Each episode also features a Top 5 list ( a concept both Adams admit was stolen from High Fidelity) relevant to the film being reviewed (i.e. "Top 5 Time Travel Films" during the Donnie Darko episode).

One of the most notable things about A DAMN PODCAST is that the hosts choose to cover a wide spectrum of movies from various genres and time periods. Alongside the aforementioned classics, the duo has also covered recent flicks like The Dark Knight and Tropic Thunder, as well as some not-so-classic titles. Sherlock explained, "Whenever one of us says something completely asinine or completely off-topic, the other one assigns them a punishment review like Theodore Rex or Death Bed: The Bed that Eats People." The combination of classic films, current films and crappy films has definitely made A DAMN PODCAST one of the most unique movie podcasts out there in terms of the material covered, but it's definitely a formula that works. Palcher said, "We were worried about being timely relevant, but the movies we pick are generally well-loved and a lot of them have a built-in, devoted fanbase it's like people are starved for the conversations we're having on the podcast because they're not getting them in real life anymore."

There's no denying that A DAMN PODCAST wouldn't work without the chemistry between Palcher and Sherlock. The two know enough about what makes a good movie to get their listeners to think harder about their favorite flicks, but the jokes and insults hurled not only towards the movies but also from each host to the other make the conversations fell just like those you could be having with your own friends. The balance between casual conversation and serious criticism that the Adams strike is just perfect enough to hold the listeners attention for an hour and a half, remaining insightful and funny throughout each episode. Palcher summed it all up pretty well by saying, "We basically just bullshit for an hour and a half."

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