Fuck You and the Disco You Rode In On

April 15 marks the one year Anniversary of Gutter Butter. No, it isn't a drug, a reference for vagina goo, or smegma grated from a scrotum piercing. According to the crowd of half-nude wastoids that are our dear friends (and us...), Gutter Butter is the place to be on Tuesday in Salt Lake. With the feel of a best friend's house party and the music of an Australian hipster club, it is a good place to totally ruin your Wednesday morning. The night is a filthy, sex-fueled escape into depravity hosted by Justin Strange.

Operating out of everyone's favorite dive, Broken Record ( AKA Todd's), Justin Strange and Co-DJ VXN have created a microcosm of trash inspired by clubs such as L.A.'s Miss Kitty's and New York's legendary Limelight. According the Justin Strange: "Miss Kitty's and the club kids are a big influence . We wanted to make a night [that was] a combination of an S&M club with a DIY dirty rock n' roll houseparty." By taking the mentality of 90s club kids and mashing it into rock n' roll, Gutter Butter's aim is to bring the filth and trash into the dance club, an environment where you are rewarded for being the most drunk, naked or dressed up. Sexually and culturally diverse, the dance floor can be a bit of a mindfuck at times, surrounded by a seemingly ridiculous mix of queers, rockers, hipsters, alcoholics, moms, thugs and the cast of Tron. Ok well, I didn't actually see the Tron guys there, but from what I can remember, there were some type of blue and red lights that weren't getting along. The punk subversive attitude of the night is a refreshing, less about the VIP and more about the, "How the fuck are we getting home?"

The music and the atmosphere are unique, half trashy party, half dive bar, and a third half dance club. Your chances of impressing your girlfriend by attending this event are unlikely. Unless your girlfriend is trashier than smoking meth out of a retainer, in which case you would be in luck. Instead of pumping the mainstream dance hits, Justin Strange and DJ VXN play an eclectic mix of rock n' roll (think Iggy Pop and Murder City Devils), n rave and electrotrash. "Instead of hiding in the DJ booth with a couple of CDJs playing the same set every week, we want to provide entertainment." Justin Strange keeps to his word, the music switches up every week, and the sets never get played out or repetitive. Often inexplicably packed and bordering on illegal, the night has featured everything from a boy-girl strip-off to competitive twister and an ass-bruising school girl night, as characterized by the slew of broken rulers. The sexualized theme of S&M was one of the goals of Justin in the beginning, "I wanted a start a night where people lost all of their inhibitions, participated in the night where you take off their clothes and are rewarded." In addition to the overriding sexual theme of the night, there are often other themes such as "Lindsey Lohan Goes to Rehab Night" and "Fuck your Disco" (the theme for the One year anniversary party).

April 15th will no doubt be a night to remember; however unlikely that may be for those present. According to Justin, he's got big plans and a shit-ton of shots to give away to those who prove their ability to fuck somebody's disco. So far the specifics are top secret, but I imagine if you are prepared to get drunker, dance wilder, and fuck harder you'll probably come out on top or bottom, whatever you prefer.