Hannibal Buress plays SLC

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I’m a comic in a city that really doesn’t give that much of a shit about comedy.  I’m just as much to blame.  I don’t go to many shows.  Here in Salt Lake City we have four or five great comedy shows a year come through.  That’s really not too many.  We should take advantage of the few that we have.  Doug Stanhope, David Cross, Tig Notaro, just to name a few we have had this year.  The more people that go to these shows, the more great comics we will get in this town.  The more you go to these shows, the less you’ll see some shitty open mic comic that promises the club owner he’ll bring his relatives, and his singles ward to the show.

The guy that I interviewed is one of those great comics.  I had no idea who he was before the interview, but I Youtube’d him and laughed my ass off.  That’s all you need to do.  Youtube whoever you see in the ad.  If you like the person go.  If not wait for the next comic. 

Hannibal Buress is a writer for Saturday Night Live, has been on “The Awkward Comedy Show” on Comedy Central and is a regular in the New York Comedy scene. Not to mention he’s fucking hilarious.  Here are some excerpts from the interview that I had with him.

SLUG:  So I’m wondering who on the SNL crew is holding the two way mirror Betty White  video, and when will it be released to the public?

Hannibal: Do you mean, someone is trying to see Betty White naked?


SLUG: Yeah, we’re wondering when that will be released to the press.

Hannibal: (Giggles).  I’m not sure if that video exists?  And if it does, I wouldn’t tell you about it.


SLUG: I kind of had a feeling that was a hush hush scenario.  So you did the Awkward Comedy Show for Comedy Central?  What makes that so awkward?

Hannibal: I don’t know, man? I guess we have different styles, but I’m way cooler than all of those dudes.


SLUG: I watched a little bit of it, and it seems to me that all of  you guys weren’t doing all of the same stereotypical young black comedian material.

Hannibal: Yeah, I guess that’s a way to describe it.  Victor wanted to put together a comedy special, and he needed a way to frame it, and I guess that’s the way he took to frame it.  It made it stand out from other stuff, and I was happy that he grabbed me, and I got to be a part of it.


SLUG: All right.  Better comedy groupies?  New York or Chicago?

Hannibal: (giggles again).  I don’t know, I haven’t thought in depth about the comedy groupies.  Anytime there are comedy groupies that’s just a good situation.


SLUG:  They are a fairly elusive bunch.  Onto your material.  In my opinion, I see a little Mitch Hedberg in you, not in a hack type of way, more of the way that you see the world.  Was he an influence in any way?

Hannibal:  I enjoy Mitch Hedberg allot.  I think maybe people attach me to him a little more than I’d like.  I see how people could do that, but I think my approach to some stuff is a little different.  I do have some shorter jokes, but I also feel I have some subject matter that I feel like is a bit different.  I guess I can see how people see it.


SLUG:  My real question was, are you planning on getting a heroin addiction to expand your material?

Hannibal:  That’s messed up man.  (Laughs).  I guess it is SLUG Magazine.


SLUG: I listened to your joke about Jesus and burritos,  which was hilarious.  I need to answer this as either choice A, or choice B.  A.  You are atheist.  B. You are scared as fuck to meet Jesus and explain to him that it was to good a joke to pass up.?

Hannibal: (laughs)  I’d describe myself as Atheist.  I don’t know how it will go over in Salt Lake.


SLUG:  It’ll go over fine.  And if they don’t like it, they will just stare and judge like they usually do.  I also heard your skit about skat, that you pitched of Megan Fox on SNL.  So was your secret intention that Megan be in a German scat skit?

Hannibal: (Laughs hardest).  You know what, before I wrote the skit, I didn’t know that there was another meaning for skat.  I found out later, that it meant shit porn.  That was not my intention at all, I have no interest in that.  No disrespect to people into that…


SLUG: I don’t think you have to worry about disrespecting people into shit porn.

Hannibal:  I’m more into music skat.


SLUG:  On your myspace, and this may be completely irrelevant, because it is myspace, you say that the streets used to feel your shit.  Why aren’t the streets feeling your shit?

Hannibal:  I used to have some jokes about rappers,  and I think it’s funny to say that the streets ain’t feeling your shit, like the streets are this one person.


SLUG:  So realistically what are you expectations about Salt Lake, and don’t lie.  The people that would take offense to your answer aren’t our readers.?

Hannibal: I don’t know at all, and I’m just hoping that people come out to the shows.  Maybe I’ll kick it with some Mormons.  What should I do during the day?


SLUG:  Well shit… I don’t know?  You could go see the Temple, that’ll take up about 20 minutes of your time.  I guess there’s some bars. 

Hannibal:  You should invite all of the Utah Jazz to the show.  Deron Williams, Kirilenko…


SLUG: I’m sure Kirilenko can party. He’s got that thing where he can fuck one girl a year and his wife is fine with it.  I’ll try and get them all.  It’s a small city, I know them all. 


Hannibal Buress plays Wiseguys on June 4 and June 5.