Jackalope Lounge

Photo: Chris Swainston

Roxan Morin and Sunyin Marci, owners of The Jackalope, are two of the most ever-present and semi-omnipotent bar owners/tenders in Salt Lake City. The whole “It’s better to be feared than loved” approach to service is thrown completely out the window. You can find them behind the bar on any given night serving your favorite firewater, killing you with kindness all the while. They have their regulars and continue to harbor new friendships nightly. It’s no coincidence that you’ll sometimes find them there on a night off. In that case, it’s nice to sit on the same side of the bar and buy them a drink. Cheers.

SLUG: Tell us about your first experience with SLUG Magazine.
Marci: It was a cold and windy night … I was cuddled up on my couch enjoying a nice rerun of Cheers when the electricity went out. As I lit candles throughout the house, I remembered that one of my co-workers had thrown me a SLUG and insisted that I read it. As I read it from cover to cover by the soft glow, I was warmed inside and out by its diverse content and good-humored, intelligent ribbing.
Morin:  Well, this one night at Jackalope we ran out of toilet paper. Thank God for the stack of SLUG Magazines next to the door. I was able to not only wipe my ass with Mike Brown’s article, but catch up on local events, too.

SLUG: How have you seen the magazine change since then?
Marci: I know that writers and photographers have changed, but the content remains thought-provoking and pertinent to these days.
Morin: It has a fucking Jackalope ad in it finally!

: What is one of the most memorable SLUG articles that you have read?
Marci: The most memorable article was this summer. I believe it was August and the cover article was about our favorite local band Spell Talk. The headshots were amazing and reading the backstory of such a fun group of local artists made me feel warm inside as they are friends of Jackalope. They have graced our proud establishment with their tunes and we hope to have this luxury many more times in the future. Don’t forget that Sammy Harper also makes some mean Tatertachos out of our kitchen! Rocker and a chef ... what a keeper!
Morin: I don’t have time to read—DRINK OR DIE! My favorite cover was the Jared Smith aka “Snuggles” cover. It was kinda hard to avoid. He shoved it in my face five times a fucking day for a week.

: Tell us about the most memorable SLUG event that you’ve attended.
Marci: When do I get the invite? The staff has had their meetings at the Jackalope a time or two, which is fun. It is a treat to see the inner workings of their great ‘rag’ firsthand.
Morin: Fuck … apparently I’m not cool enough to get a goddamn invitation. Thanks bastards.

: How has SLUG affected your life?
Marci: Two words: Mike Brown!
Morin: Once a month, I get the pleasure of seeing Mike Brown’s handsome mug when he comes for the check.

: Why do you think SLUG has continued to be relevant in Utah for the last 22 years?
Marci: SLUG continues to be relevant as the ‘underground’ context makes it clear to us that Utah has many more interests than we have been given credit for. There is such diversity in this state and we are so fortunate to have SLUG to show the differences that make Salt Lake City so great! THANKS SLUG!!!
Morin: It is the only publication that will print the word FUCK, and FUCK is a beautiful word.

Photo: Chris Swainston