Jake Garn

Photo: Jake Garn. Model: Katherine Franco

Jake Garn began shooting photos in the mid-nineties while enrolled in a basic photography class. In 2002, Garn purchased his first digital SLR camera and his photographic hobby turned into an obsession. Since then Garn’s images have brought him recognition both nationally and internationally—most recently when his work was featured in an episode from Project Runway’s eighth season. Despite Garn’s critical acclaim, his photographic work remains a passionate part-time hobby by choice. “I shoot for myself almost 90% of the time (meaning I shoot for fun, not for money),” Garn says. He combines elements of high fashion and the avant-garde to create beautiful, whimsical images that are instantly identifiable. His innovative approach to his subject keeps his work fresh.

This month SLUG asked Garn and his award-winning team of stylists to create our December cover image according to theme: Top Five Albums of 2010. Together, they transformed model Katherine Franco into a musical muse. Garn chose to depict her as an eighth note in two photographic interpretations.

“The idea of including the imagery of written music into a photo shoot resonated with me. That night I sent an email to the styling team letting them know I wanted to shoot people looking like music notes.” Garn says, “A week later, on the day of the shoot, we had a rack full of clothes and dozens of ideas from everyone, the only thing left to do was to shoot our favorites.”

Check out more of Garn’s innovative work online: jakegarn.com

Special thanks to Jake Garn and his team:
Photography by Jake Garn
Hair by Steven Robertson of Lunatic Fringe
Makeup by Paula Dahlberg of Lunatic Fringe
Wardrobe Styling by Michelle Boucher
Model: Katherine Franco
Wardrobe  for “Leather” Courtesy of Tempest Couture
(1305 S. 900 E. SLC, UT. • 801-486-1188)

Photo: Jake Garn. Model: Katherine Franco