Leif Myerberg: Super-Stud Dreamboat Comic Book Star!

OMG! Dreamy Leif Myerberg has his very own comic book! That's right, girls: Let's Go to Utah is out now! And it has more pictures than words, so it's not too hard to read and stuff! There's also another guy in the comic named Dave or something—but as far as I'm concerned, it's all about super-hunky Leif! LOL!

I totally became MySpace Friends with Leif last week and asked him to reveal his innermost, juiciest secrets! Guess what? After sending me some gross pictures of fat ladies having sex with hobos and calling me "a dirty little slut who wants to steal my eyeballs" for some reason, the mega-cutie answered back! Woot! Here's what he told me!

Age: 34 (He's so mature!)

Known aliases: Leif the Lucky, Memphis Heartbreaker

Heroes: "Billy Joe Shaver, Keith Richards, Willie Nelson, Chuck Berry—bad mofos!"

Concerts attended: "Upper 1,000s." (He's sooo cool!)

First show: "The Cramps and Flat Duo Jets at the Speedway Cafe in 1990."

Favorite movie: "Every Which Way But Loose."

Favorite hangout: "Twilight Lounge." (When I turn 21, I'm totally going there!)

Favorite T-shirt: "The cleanest one."

Biggest secret: "I'm painfully shy." (Oooh! Sweet!)

Biggest peeve: "Onions! I'll murder somebody over onions! And throwing up."

Hobbies: "Smoking, air guitar, air drums and Foghat." (What's Foghat? Is it a street drug?)

Jobs: "Sold records at Sound Off, Smokey's, Disc-Go-Round, Raspberry Records, Salt City CDs, Orion's, and Positively Fourth; I once sold cowboy boots to hicks."

More Fun Facts! Leif ...

* Works part-time printing propaganda for the Republican Party!
* Is the son of the Yo-Yo Man—not David Lindley!
* Is addicted to KSL.com Classifieds and vintage electric guitars!
* Owns a hat that says "Fog" on it! (Oh, it's a hat!)
* Owns stock in MySpace!
* Lives at Davey's house!
* Likes to party in his cowboy hat and underwear! (Hot!)
* Loves pancakes, Don Ho and bologna!
* Hates Andy Fletcher! (So do I, then!)