Letters From the Editors – February 2010

SLUG celebrates 21 Years by reprinting vintage content, selected by three top SLUG editors: Jeanette Moses, Ricky Vigil and Adam Dorobiala. With the help of SLUG’s trusty office interns, this insightful team poured over the mag’s 21 years of content—in just a few short months. Drawing from their own experiences as readers, and later, as SLUG Mag staff members, together the crew assembled articles they personally found relevant. This issue was compiled and edited entirely by them.
—Angela H. Brown

I’d be lying if I said that I could remember the first issue of SLUG I ever picked up. What I do remember is that its influence was a constant one although it wasn’t always obvious.  I typically picked up my issues at Sugarhouse Coffee as I waited for the number 8 bus to take my ass to school every morning or Wasatch CD Exchange where I wasted countless hours scanning through stacks of CDs and records. SLUG Magazine was a connection to everything and anything cool that was happening in SLC—the new stores, the new venues and any touring band that was coming through town.
Compiling content from the archives to publish in February’s issue was essentially the same as traveling back in time. The memories of countless shows that I attended at Albee Square, what it was like to hear The Corleones’ Soundtrack to Suicide for the first time and even my initial experiences working with the magazine came flooding back while working on this issue.
The content in this issue spans 21 years and I think there is a little bit of something for everyone to look back on. And if it isn’t in the issue, you can probably find it on the website. 
Although the visit to the past was fun, ultimately creating this issue showed me that we are is way more on top of our shit now than we’ve ever been before.  We do still occasionally fuck up the year on our cover, but things have only gotten bigger and better from month to month. I’m personally stoked to see what else comes from SLUG in 2010. Thanks SLC for your continued support of SLUG Magazine.
Jeanette D. Moses
Managing Editor

Even though I grew up only a few miles outside of the actual city, Salt Lake always seemed like an exotic place teeming with interesting ideas and creative energy, and SLUG was an indispensable resource to find out about anything cool going on downtown. While selecting content to reprint for this issue, I wanted to recapture what made me excited and interested about SLUG, but also about Salt Lake City itself. SLUG wouldn’t exist without the people, the places and the culture that surrounds us, and I think this issue captures many of the things that have made Salt Lake special over the years. Whether your “good ol’ days” consisted of trips to Raunch and seeing The Stench play at The Speedway or catching The Wolfs at Kilby Court, there’s probably something here that you’ll connect with, even if you weren’t there to experience it.
—Ricky Vigil
 Editorial Assistant

Going over the past 21 years of issues was not an easy task, especially looking for skate/snow content. Besides ads for skate shops, the skate section was pretty much non-existent for a number of years. The articles I chose to reprint represent the major events in SLC history, from the beginning of our very first skate rants to the cynical take on buying hardgoods later in the 2000s. I think you will enjoy the content this month as it reminds you of the foundation that our current skate/snow section is based on today.
—Adam Dorobiala
Action Sports Editor