Princess Kennedy: A KRCL Christmas

Kennedy kicks Troy Williams (L) and Bad Brad Wheeler (R) off the boards at the headquarters of her favorite community radio station, KRCL. Photo: John Carlisle

Dear Sandee Claws,
All I want for kwanzukka is my own fucking radio show on KRCL. Please pass the word on to Jesus (aka Troy Williams). I have a feeling that I am one of at least a hundred douchebags to send off such a request. I’m sure that in the talentless pool, few stand out who would make awesome on-air contributions. What I’m finding in the close relationship I’ve been forging with the home-spun station, is that it’s what’s on the inside of the future hopeful and what he or she can contribute that is going to matter.

I saw this when I first moved to SLC and immediately set my sights on infiltrating the sacred walls of the station. I have been spinning my magic of relentless ever-presence to let them see that someday, if they play their cards right, they could get me and this velvety soft voice I own to grace the air waves, and you know what? I think it’s working.

I’ve spent a few afternoons answering phones, doing PSAs and adding to the lovely bits they have, such as Album of the Day and Radio Active. Finally, they have opened the door just enough for me to wedge my stiletto in, and that is all this gurl needs before a total tranny takeover.

Over the past fifteen years, KRCL has thrown a huge holiday/listener appreciation party to mark each of their milestones—20, 25 and last year’s 30th birthday. My friend Kate Wheadon, who works as an underwriter, called to tell me that they decided to start throwing the fête every year. If there is one thing we gays are, it’s creative, so I was asked to help name the party. I came up with The Polar Jubilee.

The Polar Jubilee is on the same day as SLUG’s December release date (Dec. 03), so I shan’t go into too much detail. Just get your butt down to Salt Lake Hardware Building tonight by 7 p.m. to join in the festivites and catch a glimpse of the pièce de résistance of the evening: Bad Brad Wheeler’s Hanukkah Harmonica Army! If you miss it, then a simple visit to my FB page will have numerous photos (courtesy of of guests with Circus Brown as Elvis Santa and yours truly as Ms. Tranny Clause.

Of course, music is the main focus of KRCL. I love knowing that every day I’m going to be opened up to something I’ve never heard before when I listen to the station. For the holidays, I can put it on and not stress about music for the entire day. Just this past Thanksgiving, I had friends in town that complimented me on the playlist I had chosen. They immediately became impressed by the fact it was our local community radio station and were overjoyed they could stream KRCL live online in their own city. That led me to my thought of a PSA for the station. “Most people bypass the radio in lieu of their iPods, but KRCL is the station I listen to so I know what to put on my iPod.”

I started thinking of a world without KRCL. Without it, we would have a much less exciting Gay Pride, no voice (on the radio) for not only the GLBT community, but countless other minority and leftist groups. No Summer Concert Series and no one to feature local musicians. That’s a lie, we do have SLUG, but I feel strongly that one depends on the other, and without either SLC would still be doing the Macarena thinking it was cool and honey, I don’t want to live in that world.

If you find yourself wondering what you can do for the station, the opportunities are endless. They are in constant need of volunteers in so many different aspects—whether you’re available to answer phones during their semi annual fund drive, or to be an able body at one of their many events—it takes a village and you get to schmooze with some of the hottest and most knowledgeable talent in the field. Hanging with Jamie G talking music while swooning over Bad Brad’s good looks sounds like the perfect day to me.

They never forget at KRCL who the station is for—the listeners. 2011 will feature upcoming spots like Wake Up Call and Back Seat Driver, as well as more community-based fund drives that actually focus on bringing the community together, like Bad Brad’s Big Gay Car Wash, which is set to happen after winter ends. I’ll be there in my bikini eating Carl’s Jr. washing those dirty, dirty Trans-Ams. Overall, you will find that community input will be a heavy hitter in the months to come.

It takes $125 an hour to run the station. Darling, that is one expensive whore! Nevertheless, a whore that can do stuff for you that no other whore can is worth every penny.

I’ve come to the realization that my hopes and dreams of being a radio star are in the hands of you—the listener. This year for your charitable holiday donation, I want you to write a big fat check to KRCL in my name, so that between the hours of 5 and 6 a.m. you might get the chance to hear me say:

“This is Princess Kennedy and you’re listening to Tran-Sister Radio on KRCL—all the radio you need!”

Kennedy kicks Troy Williams (L) and Bad Brad Wheeler (R) off  the boards at the headquarters of her favorite  community radio station, KRCL. Photo: John Carlisle