Princess Kennedy: Clan Kennedy – April 2010

Princess Kennedy and her fabulous family: her niece Anna Kennedy, her great nephew Malachi and her nephew Wren Kennedy.

I spend so much time hogging the spotlight that I feel it’s necessary to share a little secret: I’m not the only Kennedy in town. I inhabit this geographical stage with two other bright and shining stars. If you’re out enough you probably know my niece and nephew Anna and Wren Kennedy. After I moved away when they were pre-teens to pursue my dreams of singing, I came back to adults rocking the Salt Lake scene as only a Kennedy can. These two are as important to me as my skinny jeans and stiletto collection combined! Once we’re together, it’s easy to see Lady Nature at work. We’re all extremely tall, very loud and bestowed with beautiful bedroom eyes. Our clansmen being musically gifted, Wren and Anna are working it out to take my torch and make us the Osmonds of punk.

Anna, the bassist, has a voice close in connotation to her Auntie Uncle’s (sounds better coming out of a real girl, I’m not gonna lie) and can sing the hell out of a tune. The bands she’s membered include Other Pocket, Racket, Deathless Pros and my personal favorite, Trash Models. “I LOVE music!” she proclaims, “It seems to be the one constant in my life.” Moving past the glitz and life of the stage, her focus is earning a degree studying the history, theory and reading of music, that and being an amazing mom to Malachi, an adorable energetic toddler with oodles of charm and music in his veins from both his mother and father. “I go in my room, turn the music up and sing really loud, he sits and screams at me to shut up,” she laughs. “I catch him when he thinks he’s alone making up songs about Thomas the Train and racecars—it’s pretty much the coolest thing I’ve heard!” For now, she dabbles in small engineering projects from a set up at her house.

Wren is currently known as the handsome, guitar strumming tall drink of water in local favorite Blue Bird Radio. He’s shared the stage with other SLC music greats such as Brian Oakley, Brinton Jones, Trevor Hadley and Kathy Foy, and is excited for an upcoming project with Glade Sowards. Wren’s aptitude for music far surpasses that of strings to the piano and a voice like melting butter. In between working his butt off with BBR and slinging coffee to the perpetually cool at Nobrow, he’s figuring how to get his talented (skinny) ass to USU, where he’s been accepted into the their highly prestigious guitar studies program, a place where, as he puts it, “would to be cool to immerse myself in something I’ve always loved.” Like a true Kennedy he’s a shameless ladies man, but my hopes are to hear future wedding bells with long time love, sass-pot beauty Fran. Franny Kenns, hmm? I don’t hate the sound of it.

It makes me feel all warm and fuzzy, like a baby-seal-fur coat when I think about how lucky I am to have actual family around with common interests and support, yet, how often in this world and specific community we “black sheep” can feel genetically rejected and make family amongst friends. Forced together, Salt Lake’s underground is one tightly knit, colorful brood. Long ago, lack of flexibility to my lifestyle left me to search familial solace elsewhere and I found it easy to bond emotionally holding my relationships as such. Flexibility aside, mine was quick to take in an underdog and make them feel like top pooch, which is a trait I hope I carry. I must also add that time is an amazing healer.

Today I found out a kindred spirit of mine, one I just saw Saturday night, didn’t wake up on Monday morning. He always greeted me, actually everyone, with a huge smile and a hug. We had an almost instant connection that made him feel comfortable confiding in me on his fondness of extra curricular indulgences and perpetual discontentment, heavily veiled by a childlike carefree disposition. This open and honest continuity felt very endearing and I was quick to watch out for, scold and want to love him. I hope he felt that.
I can’t even fucking think about the pain I’d feel at losing Wren or Anna, but I hurt nonetheless and I want nothing more than to keep you, my SLUG clan, safe in my words, feeling loved and appreciated. For a big tranny freak I’m one of the easiest people to approach and will let you in on another little secret Anna and Wren have known forever. Auntie Princess always has room at her family table for one more and I’m serving up reinforcements by the big Jell-O Biafra bowl full because I want my Kennedy’s, whoever you are, to be alive and well.

Princess Kennedy and her fabulous family: her niece Anna Kennedy, her great nephew Malachi and her nephew Wren Kennedy.