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4 Pop-Culture T-Shirts

When given these cool shirts from Qwertee, I didn’t know whether to cry laughing or raise my fist on high in delight. What Qwertee does better than many other mail-order T-shirt companies is take two pop-culture references and smash them together into a single thought. To geeks, that is a must-have, because any casual fan can pop down to a Disney Store and get an Iron Man shirt these days—but true humor and thought come from the web, and getting two references pasted on your chest is like buying two shirts for the price of one. My personal favorites that came in the mix were a Cookie Monster/Evil Dead mashup called “The Necro-Nom Nom Nom,” and a Vans/Star Wars mashup with the logo changed to the Millennium Falcon and the words “Hans: Since 1977” splashed within. The fabric in these is sturdy as they’re all made by Gildan, so they’ll last you a while. The only slight downside is that the shirts usually run you a couple bucks more than at other places, but you know what, you’re paying for quality compared to others that will die on you after a year or so of use. I strongly encourage you to check out their daily shirts. –Gavin Sheehan