Review: Kackle Issue 3D: Skull Water

Kackle Issue 3D: Skull Water

Bruce Wilson
Street: 01.28

This little zine is rated R for Re-Animator Romance. In just 12 short pages, Bruce Wilson writes a twisted little love story wrapped up in reimagined zombietropes. The plot itself is humorous, just a short story about a simple boy who wants to bring his mother back to life and the magical doctor who sends him on a mission to find a skull with a drop of water that will save her. Things predictably go awry. However, there’s a … happy ending. The writing is straightforward like a ghost story—meant to be told around the campfire—but instead, we experience it through those classic red-and-blue 3D glasses. It’s headacheinducing because it’s a constant switch between the few pictures and the story every other page, but it’s still a fun experience. The art has nice depth perception, though it doesn’t add to the story as much as mimic what’s already been said, similar to the way children’s books are set up. It’s akin to the Buddhist Master Wonhyo’s story about “drinking water from a skull,” which, in short, teaches us that even gross things can be refreshing, just like this! –Taylor Hoffman