SLUG Sighting!

Posted July 26, 2007 in
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Howdy SLUG crew. My name is Shawn Sant. The fabulous model in the pic is Sonnet Marr, niece to Johnny Marr of The Smiths. I was born and raised in SLC -- a Rose Park survivor. Sonnet was born and raised, and still lives, in Indianapolis, Ind. I've got a job working in NYC for the summer. Rather than fly to NY, I chose the automobile tour. Sonnet, a new yet dear friend to me, had a gravitational pull on me that called for a 2.5-day break in my cross-country trip. She passionately hates Indy, except for a small eclectic art/college district called Broad Ripple, not much unlike the small Sugarhouse pocket around 2100 S. & Highland Dr. (R.I.P . - have they started tearing that area up yet? Shame...) or the vibe of the Pie at the U., except with more bars (no membership, no problem) and open-air drinking right up to the sidewalk. She's a huge music fan, and she laments the lack of a good consistent music scene, or even music appreciation in Indiana, except for the Indy CD & Vinyl shop that offers her respite at 806 Broad Ripple Ave. 1,544 miles away from home, I was very surprised to find, as we were walking out of the shop, a stack of magazines labeled "SLUG" on display near the door for the taking. Sure enough, it was SLC's own SLUG. In talking with the woman at the counter (I regrettably didn't get her name before I had to step aside for customers), I found that they receive and display SLUG mags regularly because it turns out that she lived in SLC for quite a while, and it was she, and I think her husband, who established Salt City Records back home while they stayed there. Sonnet was intrigued and impressed with what she read and saw in the issue, and has picked up more current issues since then. Step 1 in distracting Miss Marr from hopes of a new start in Boston and rather transplant to SLC in the near future; thanks SLUG! Now if she can see the mountains for herself, and maybe a little Southern Utah scenery -- and experience the University Pie -- she might be hooked.

[shawn sant]