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From The Grave to the Cradle…Giving Fashion New Life
South Towne Mall
February 29, 2008

To raise money and awareness for The Leonardo, Charity Lund and company presented “From Grave to the Cradle…Giving Fashion New Life.” According to their website, The Leonardo is a “hands-on science and art center for young people and adults being developed in the heart of Utah’s capital city.” This design competition and fashion show challenged local fashion designers to create collections that come from at least 50% recycled materials. Besides the odd suburban location of South Towne Mall, this first-time fashion show was perfect, full of talented and interesting designs by Salt Lake’s finest.

A few highlights of the show included:
Redemption Dept
Tony Jacobsen with Carrie Eldridge

Over the last two years, Salt Lake has been oversaturated with “screen-print” artists; Redemption Department was no exception. The label was known for taking thrift store finds, altering the neck and sleeves, then slathering predictable Victorian designs all over them. RD was recently purchased by Tony Jacobsen, bringing with him a renewed interest and positive direction for the label. For this fashion show, Tony partnered with local designer Carrie Eldridge to breathe new life into polyester and musky old looks. The outcome was absolutely refreshing. Putting a different twist on “recycled,” the boutique showed how you can live green by using second hand clothing. Carrie’s creations were young, fun and more hip than what has been produced in Salt Lake over the last few years. With strong use of color, the young designer used yellow bandanas at the wrists and ankles to splash youthfulness into each piece. My only complaint would be the awkward placement of wicker purses with the outfits that appeared as if it were a last-minute attempt to complete each look.

Shogo Fugiwara
After being lost beneath the Filthy Gorgeous umbrella for the last year or so, Shogo has gone out on his own with an eco-friendly line of renewed denim apparel. Taking old denim styles and reviving them with a new look. The collection was flirty, with designs that fused denim, white cotton and soft prints. Adding to the practicality of his line, the models Shogo chose were fuller figured, showing that us normal gals could rock his threads.

Ischa Buchanan

SLUG’s very own Ischa Buchanan joined in the Green quest with her rendition of a 1920s flapper-girl look. Made with old SLUG issues, plastic netting and bottle caps, Ischa used the good old, fashioned paper-mache method to mold out a beautiful bodice and knee-length fringed skirt. Modeling her handmade frock, Ms. Buchanan took home the award for “Best Use of Recycled Materials.”

With the exception of one model’s bare buttocks parading up and down the runway to a crowd of Sandy family folks, the event was a success. Much applause to Charity and company for their efforts to connect local designers for a global cause.