W Lounge

Photo: Katie Panzer

Casey Staker purchased the W Lounge in April 2004, mostly out of boredom and the opportunity to fulfill a long-time dream of owning a dance club. Since that time, Staker has transformed the small space into one of the hottest indie dance clubs in the city. Rye Rye, Chromeo, Million $ Mano, The Hood Internet and many other notable electro acts have packed the venue and provided club-goers with an intimate live experience, killer sound, ticket prices that rarely rise above $10 and nightly drink specials. “It’s a fun, low pressure, yet high energy dance club,” Staker says. “You won’t hear very much Top 40 here, just great progressive dance music.”

SLUG:Tell us about your first experience with SLUG Magazine.
Staker: I don’t really remember … Were we drunk?

SLUG: How have you seen the magazine change since then?
Staker: In the past years the magazine has definitely become more creative and hip.

: What is one of the most memorable SLUG articles that you have read?
Staker: It’s hard to pinpoint an exact article, but Dear Dickheads and Princess Kennedy articles always make me laugh.

: What is your favorite SLUG cover?
Staker: The one with me on it! Oh wait … That’s still in negotiation.

: Tell us about the most memorable SLUG event that you’ve attended.
Staker: I loved the SLUG Open House party where I got to dress up like a cowboy! Yeehaw! Didn’t someone get a picture of me in my chaps?

SLUG: How has SLUG affected your life?
Staker: Just knowing Angela Brown is enough to affect anyone positively.

: Why do you think SLUG has continued to be relevant in Utah for the last 22 years?
Staker: I think SLUG continues and will continue to be relevant because of the hard work of Angela Brown and her team. You do a great job of keeping the Mag fresh.

Photo: Katie Panzer