Craft Lake City Artisan Profiles

Photos: Russel Daniels


Abraham Von Waffles, jeweler and visual artist.
Abraham Von Waffles, jeweler and visual artist.

“I think of my work [as] me trying to work towards wizardry,” says Abraham Von Waffles, jeweler and visual artist, whose beard and accessories suggest that he may actually be a modern wizard.

Von Waffles constructs the majority of his pieces using teeth. On the decision to use these biological pieces, Von Waffles shares a story of how he and his girlfriend, Squid, had seen photos from a couple they follow on Instagram—the fellow had proposed to his wife with a ring containing a tooth. They agreed that the gesture and the ring were quite romantic. “We’re both enamored with the idea of having a piece of yourself in something,” Von Waffles says, “ you’re going to bond yourself to someone forever.”

Some may have hygienic concerns when deciding whether to wear something formerly attached to a living being. He says, “Everything is super-clean and ready to go. I use a peroxide bath to wash—enough to seal it off, so [only] the right bacteria is on there.” Regarding durability, Von Waffles says, “Teeth are actually the hardest part of the body. They hold up really well.”

We asked why Abraham chose “Von Waffles” as a title:

“When I think of forest magick, I think of a lumberjack [who] would only like a waffle. With breakfast being the most important meal of the day, it’s good to start off with something rigid [and] soft—butter and maple syrup. So it’s sweet, it’s crunchy—you’ve got the little pocket to take the hot butter … It’s a beautiful way to start out a morning.”

While jewelry is what Von Waffles is gaining the most attention for, he is also working on a series of notebooks called “Spellbound Sketchpads.” The samples I saw were very appealing, with a range of materials and color options. Von Waffles says, “My vision for them is, instead of writing a spell out—you’re drawing. Creating magic through your picture.”

Asked about what he’s looking forward to as a participant at Craft Lake City’s DIY Fest, Von Waffles says, “I’m just so stoked that we get to meet other artists and get deeper in the scene. I love the fact that it brings out and gives the artists that are more experimental an opportunity to come out of hiding, if you will, and show their work.” –T.H.