On The Edge of The Bed

Posted September 19, 2013 in

Participants crafting their "passion" at the On The Edge of The Bed event. Photo: Amanda Rock

The beautiful Hotel Monaco in downtown Salt Lake City was the setting for On the Edge of the Bed, a “ tastefully sexy” seminar presented by The Healing Group, a women’s clinic located in Holladay. If the name of the business doesn’t sound familiar, maybe you’re better acquainted with Kristin Hodson, a licensed psychologist, and her sister Alicia Worthington, a social worker, as x96’s “Sex Girls.” They are popular guests on Radio From Hell, Utah’s longest running radio show, answering questions from men and women on air.

After helping people with the same issues over and over on the radio, Kristin and Alicia decided to move beyond “Ask the Sex Girls.” A different venue and approach was needed to reach more people. On the Edge of the Bed, a seminar for women who want more out of their sex life was created. “It’s a general overview of something a lot of women struggle with: desire. And within that we were able to hit on a lot of aspects of sexuality,” says Kristin, Executive Director of the Healing Group, “We really wanted women to be exposed to a variety of information and tools so they could then decide where they wanted to go.”

Seventy women signed up for the all-day seminar. The first half of the day was both educational and required a bit of soul searching. We learned about reclaiming desire and taking risks.The atmosphere was laid back and amiable. Most everyone seemed comfortable enough to share and ask questions. “It was wonderful to be speaking about a topic that has typically been hush-hush,” says Kristin, “ and it was a challenge having so many women coming from varying circumstances and comfort levels.”

The last half was a party. Fun, fruity mocktails were served to the ladies. I ordered the Passion in Paradise, which was loaded with pineapple juice and a nice big wedge with a maraschino cherry on the side. We were set loose on a craft table covered in an awesome variety of art supplies to explore our passion: mine used a lot of blue glitter glue and kind of wrecked my handbag. There was also a brief dance party to Bruno Mars that made me pretty uncomfortable, but we were all expanding our horizons. And Gina Barberi, the funniest person on Radio From Hell, even popped in for a visit. “I was very happy to partner with the Healing Group for The Edge of the Bed event,” said Gina. “ We have had Alicia and Kristin on our show many times. Their advice is always practical, understanding and helpful. I'm sure the ladies that attended the workshop left with ideas and tools that will make both them and their partners more satisfied in the bedroom ... and wherever else they decide to do it.”

At the end of the day there were giveaways, including a night’s stay at the Hotel Monaco. Each lady left with a renewed sense of sexy and a goodie bag. Follow up emails included a succinct re-cap of the event, which was a lot better than my notes, and a second goodie bag from the Blue Boutique sent via snail mail. I can’t wait to see what’s inside. If you missed out, no worries. According to Kristin, there are more seminars and an anonymous forum for questions on the horizon. In the meantime, listen to The Sex Girls on Radio From Hell and visit their website. They’re also on Facebook, Twitter and even Pinterest. You can also look for “Real Intimacy: A Couple’s Guide to Genuine, Healthy Sexuality” to learn more.

Participants crafting their "passion" at the On The Edge of The Bed event. Photo: Amanda Rock Mocktails were served to participants. Photo: Amanda Rock Crafts! Photo: Amanda Rock