2011 Local Album Releases

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One of the biggest secrets about the Utah music scene as a whole is the amount of music that comes out every year. You wouldn’t expect anything less from a scene with over 600 bands at any given time. Here is a complete list (or as complete a list as we could compile) of every Utah-based album that was released in 2011.


The Gorgeous Hussies – Discography: 2006-2011

In Dreaming – The Pathless Sounds Of In Dreaming

Jon Bentley – Coyote

Pencil Shavings – Thirteen Letters

Seven Feathers Rainwater – Fifteen Apple Magicians

Knife Show – Exoskeleton (EP)
The Hung-Ups – Four Songs (EP)
Grey Fiction – Light The Sea (EP)

SLAJO – Child Of Saturn (Double)

OK Ikumi – 12/10

Various Artists – Seedy Lusty

Cootie Catcher – S/T (EP)

The Neighbors – S/T (EP)
James Gillice – A Lie (EP)

Various Artists – Provocatuer

The Mollies – Dragonslayer

Fleetwood – Dream Big
Pablo Blaqk – Sons & Daughters


Double or Nothing – Silhouettes Fade
Handicapitalist – Round One (EP)

Virgin Sophia / VCR5 – V (split album)

Luminaire – 2010 (EP)

Dangeroos – Rnnn' Rdhds
Wake Up Nebula – S/T

Whilmington – S/T (EP)

Perception Cleanse Perception – The Valentine Serial Killer (EP)

Just A Face – Slap Hands
Bobo Shand – Swings (EP)

The Crylics – Ghost Surf

WYLD WYZRDZ – Positive Texture (EP/Cassette)
Birthquake – Be Excellent to Each Other (EP)
Split Lid – Unholy

J. Wride – Indigo
Ferocious Oaks – Polyamory (EP)

The Suicycles – 4 Psychotic Car Rides (EP)

Dream Eater – Sister Sister (EP)


6335 / dBpm / Silver Antlers / Transcode – 4 Way Split (Cassette)

American Attic – ST (EP)
Advent Horizon – AH (EP)

Monarch – Station: Deva

Adam & Darcie – Early In The Morning
Lucid 8 – ST (EP)
Avintage – ST (EP)
The Brocks – Winter '11 (EP)

SubRosa – No Help For The Mighty Ones
The Future Of The Ghost – A Blessing For Your Heart

Top Dead Celebrity – Mid-Western Rube
Night Terror – Cavern (Cassette)

JazzSequence – Wasp

Scapegoat  – Esoteric Technology
Scapegoat  – Ritualis Sonitus
The Old World – ST
Calm Paradox – How To Mind
The GreenHaus Effect – Climate Change (EP)

Massacre At The Wake – Badgeristic Live Pain In SLC (live)

Cody Taylor – ST
Samuel Locke Ward / Toby Goodshank – ST (7" split)
Raw Xtract – Tool (1) Box
Bronco – Painting Pictures Of A Perfect Life
Jef Doogie – Thoughts That Count (Double Album)

Melody & Tyler – I Bleed Music (Demo EP)

Society Mis-Call – Hardcore: Not For All

A Balance Of Power – Pride Precedes The Fall

Michael Gross & The Statuettes – Imaginary Signs (EP)

Dream Eater – Robot Hand (EP)
Albino Father – Blanket (EP)
Muck Raker – ST
When The Fight Started – When Bodies Fail (EP)
Wesly – Framed Views Of Surrender
Imagine Dragons – It's Time


Blinded By Truth – The Only Road

It Foot, It Ears – Day Type

A Balance Of Power – Pride Precedes The Fall
Muck Raker – ST (EP)

Matthew Nanes – ST (EP)

Phil Maggio – The Phil Maggio EP
WYLD WYZRDZ – Free Magick (7” LP)
Emily Brown – This Goes With Us
Lalage – Live On Sonarchy

Perception Cleans Perception – inVERSIONS
The Lunatic – Milk

Sinthesis – Killing Time (EP)
S.L.F.M. – The Kissing Party

DJ Robo Rob – Teh D3ceptionz

DJ Robo Rob – Of Dubenestep
Burnell Washburn – Food of Love

Clocks – Salt Lake City

Christopher Leibow – She Leaves Me Small Gifts

Discord A – (Untitled Demo 1 & 2)

The Whits – Heartbreak Marathon (EP)

Westerlies – ST (EP)

Blackhounds – Rot N' Roll

Gunner – Catalogue Your Faux Success (demo EP)

The Folkadots – Down Below

Something Fierce – Don't Be So Cruel


Long Distant Operator – Sweet Lucy Devine

Sodacon – SoS Volume 1
Allred – Come Back (EP)

The Suicycles – Experiments In Being Awake (EP)

Problem Daughter – The First Two Albums

The Poorwills – Drinks On The Wing

Sandpile – Mamma Says (EP)

Corvid – Feeding The Addiction

Joel Brown – In Retrospect

Christopher Alvarado – Translucense

Samuel Smith Band – ST (EP)

Zodiac – A Dangerous Alien Among Us

Commodore Azalea – ST (EP)
Adding Machines – Death & Taxes

The Devil Whale – Teeth

Kaplan – Living By A Compromise

Tough Tittie – Stomach Transplant (EP)
One Strike One Rise – Bring It Back In Me

Twisted Axis – ST
Swedish Ish Fish – Boys Are Bad Kissers

Atilast – The Opening (EP)

Reviver – Potential Wasteland (7” Re-Release)

Young Sim – Audio Diary


Dwellers – Peace, & Other Horrors (EP)

The Suicycles – Sex, Drugs, and Death

My Dead Ego – Fairytales Of Industry (EP)

Mayson Lee & The Rock & Roll Space Studs – The Filthy Touch (EP)

Nick Neihart – Songs Made Of Salt
Fire In The Skies – What Have We Become
Frame & Canvas – The Lights, The Sound

Schreoder – ST
Editions – Winds Against (EP)

Bright Whistles – Songs (EP)
Summerteeth – Summerteeth
The Mighty Sequoyah – Relative

Change To Fire – Hurts Like The Devil

Disforia – Our Time Defined

Jonathan Jones – Community Group

Such Vengeance – Golden Leaves Rotten Roots

Christopher Leibow – Wear Me Passionate

CastleAxe – Castlemaster (EP)

Scenic Byway – Kinda Sorta Pretty Really

Rotten Musicians – Epee (EP)

Andrew Goldring – Tired Desires (EP)

Savoy – Rise Up And Shine
Nevertanezra – NTNR

Storming Stages and Stereos – Surviving Your Reflection
The Numbs – Soulburn

Lost Carnival – ST


Apt – “Apt Is The New Nervous” (single)

Golden Sun – Wine Country (EP)

The B.D. Howes Band – ST

The Hung-Ups – Dawn Of The Deadbeats

David Elijah – Chapter II

Tom Butler – “Boats” (Single)

The Dark Past – Dies In The Light

The Orchard – ST

Task & Linus – The Movement


Kalai – The Long Tooth Chronicles Vol. 5 (EP)

The Chevalier – Welcome To Hell, Harvey

Supersofar – Soundtrack To A Moment

Static Survivor – Shatter Belt (EP)

Stag Hare – Spirit Canoes (EP)
Danger Hailstorm – “War” (single)

Uncle Scam – Heavy Cream

The Saintanne – Living With The Chills (EP)

The Lazy Waves – Summer Singles
Joshua Payne Orchestra – Zoom
Cootie Catcher/Change To Fire/Wake Up Nebula – Split (EP)

Total Data – ST

The Jingoes – ST
David Williams – Music From The Motion Picture “Parade”
Baby Ghosts – Baby Tape (EP)

Dick Janitor – ST (EP)
OSIRIS – Scars

Jonathan Boulay/Timothy Boulanger – ST (split cassette)


Pat Maine – Nighttime Medicine (EP)
Eyes Lips Eyes – Blue Red

Ryan Tanner – Seven Years (EP)
Hope & Tim – Green Street Sessions

Pretty Worms – Acid (7”)

Pretty Worms/Plastic Furs – ST Split (7”)

Pretty Worms/Blackhole – ST Split (7”)

uMaNg & Kick Back - The First Impressions LP

J Rapp – Bo Digits 2

Rishka – Night Begins

My Final Estate – Isolation

Albino Father – Age

Blitzkrieg Witchcraft – Recorded Live At Raunch

The No-Nation Orchestra – More More More (EP)

Stag Hare – Sandpaintings (cassette)

WYLD WYZRDZ – From A Stone (EP)
Palace Of Buddies – Summertime

Sonic Prophecy – A Divine Act Of War

Spell Talk – Touch It


Desert Noises – Mountain Sea
Mark Dago – Kill Screen

Conquer Monster – ST (EP)

Brogan Kelby – Sky Lights
Blitzkrieg Witchcraft – Recorded Live At Raunch

Tainted Halos – Second Stroke


Sam Burton – Herd Behavior (EP)

Erich Newey – Acoustic (EP)
Xauric – Scratch Management (EP)
DJ Robo Rob – The Remixes ^3
Dustin Christensen – Highway Lines

ESX – A Love Ethic

The Sarah B. Band – Realign My Mind

Secret Abilities – Love & Monsters

Stereo Breakdown – Style (EP)

Cryangles – Swimming Lessons (EP)
Hurris & Gig – Mall Marauders

JazzSequence – WASPREMIX (EP)

Hands Of The Martyr – Foul Tongue
Jeremy Hoop – Deluxe (EP)
Savoy – Live
L'anarchiste – ST (EP)
B-Side – B Myself And I

Matteo – The Morning Market

GeorgeLife – Welcome To Dreamland

Fox Van Cleef – Prescription Tea Party

The Var Sequence – Automation

Flea Circus – Remix Tape


Starmy – Blue Skies Abound

B-Side – B Myself And I

The Moth & The Flame – ST
Sea Swallowed Us Whole – I Am Poseidon

Willows – Walk Home (EP)

Dark City Daylight – ST (EP)
American Hitmen – Soundtrack Of Violence

Amelia Dawn – Letters

Grimblee – I Hate Derek

Mr. Vandal & Grimblee – Suspects (EP)

Mooninite – ST (EP)
Mista Walk – Flowbound

Syqnys – Hypatia's Reign

Moon Of Delirium – ST (demo)

Fictionist – ST (EP)

Wildelux & Linus Stubbs – Scratch The Surface

The Lower Lights – Come Let Us Adore Him
The Anchorage – Bridges

Huldra – Signals From The Void (EP)

Bellrave – Taste Us (EP)
DJ Robo Rob – Press 'A' To Listen

Dark Seas – ST (demo)

The Beginning At Last – No Music No Life

Max Pain & The Groovies – Tortilla Gold

Levi James Lebo – Autography

Nonnon – El Socialismo
Lake Mary – Sheep Dog (EP)
Savoy – Merry Little Christmas
Wildelux & Linus Stubb­s – Scratch The Surface (Remix)


Dave Chisholm – Calligraphy (EP)
OK Ikumi – Areosol (EP)
The Chickens – ST
Chance Lewis – Underdogg (EP)

Bright Whistles – TWO (EP)
Cannons/Maraloka – ST (Split vinyl EP)
Timothy Boulanger/Sam Burton/The Awful Truth – Dead  House (3-way split album)
Katie Jo – Broken
Isle Of Skye – Caber Toss
Summerteeth ­ How – I Got In The Room (EP)
Parallax – Mediums & Messages (re-release LP)
Daisy & The Moonshines – ST
AntBut – Red (EP)
Bearclause – Brave (EP)
Raspberry Noise ­ Birds
Shrimpton Gregson Ave.
L'anarchiste – L'anarchiste (EP)
Juice Box – The Problematic (EP)
Deer Child ­ Winter Deer Vol. 1 : Few Are Frozen
The Mooks – 2 Become 1 (cassette)
Willy Eklof – A Tribute To Mary
Jeremy Hoop – A Christmas Miracle (EP)
El Salvador Dollies – New Wave Babylon (EP)
Dream Eater – ctrl+alt+incomplete (EP)
Public Defendaz – Freedom Fridayz Vol. 1