Local Music Reviews October 2015

Local Review: Apt – Almost



Street: 04.17
Apt = Schoolboy Q + Kid Cudi

Part of Provo’s own House of Lewis, Apt has an emotionally infused rap sound, making use of guitar and drum tracks for songs like “Two Birds” to lend Almost a multi-genre sound. Almost is an eclectic album—Apt goes from rapping about how no one respects his true passion for hip-hop to “Gilbro Bounce,” where he samples his friend saying ridiculous phrases. Throughout the album, the theme of self-criticism is prominent. Apt seems to really want to prove his status as a rapper to those who question him, and I think he gets his point across. What’s hilarious to me, though, is that in pure Provo fashion, Almost is also available as a clean edit, for those of you with weaker constitutions. –Ali Shimkus