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Local Review: Christopher Alvarado – The Eye of Imagination

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Christopher Alvarado – The Eye of Imagination

Christopher Alvarado
The Eye of Imagination

Aural Films
Street: 06.29.15
Christopher Alvarado = M.NOMIZED + William Spivey + Eradicated Echoes

Ambient music can be interpreted in many different ways; it all depends on what a person’s mindset is and what they are feeling at the moment, if anything. What one person hears may be drastically different from what another hears. That’s the beauty of this type of music. The Eye of Imagination is a calming release, full of soundscapes and downtempo that has the ability to change any drab room into a creative place. It stimulates the mind with its ambiance and soothing beats. The operatic style and sound of Rebekkah Hilgrave’s voice is hauntingly smooth—the placement and slight amount it’s used throughout the tracks makes it remarkable. It’s something one would expect to hear on the old video game Parasite Eve. The drumming on “Lambent” has a tribal feel, and similar sounds to that of a guitar on a Spaghetti Western can be heard. Alvarado continues to release amazing ambient music. –Mistress Nancy