Local Music Reviews October 2015

Local Review: Danger Hailstorm – Following Wires/No Solution

Following Wires/No Solution

Danger Hailstorm
Following Wires/No Solution

Street: 03.20
Danger Hailstorm = Mudhoney + Fu Manchu

In the age of banjo-picking, mustachioed softies infiltrating the music scene, it’s nice to hear something different—not new, but different. Danger Hailstorm breathe life into pre-grunge metal with their most recent EP. It’s quick with only two short songs, but I had this on repeat for a few plays. With legends of the SLC scene playing in this group, it’s a reminder that we have a wonderfully varied metal scene in SLC. There are some nice hints of Clutch and Hermano on this EP, maybe even some White Zombie. The guitar is shredding straightforward rock, and I’m loving it. –Alex Cragun