March 2015 Local Music Reviews

Local Review: Mars – Chocolate Covered Potato Chips

Chocolate Covered Potato Chips
Street: 01.15
Mars = The Ettes (Acoustic) + She & Him

Chocolate Covered Potato Chips is a quiet folk album by the local ladies of Mars. In unison and apart, this female trifecta pieces together a peaceful and melodic set of songs. This is a quaint acoustic album, overlapping in melodies and harmonies. Their voices paint images of spring and cheeriness, while the next moment, the melody moves to a flowing kind of haunting—literally singing, “You’re haunting me / I’m haunting you,” to a distant haunting on tracks like, “Hoses Roses,” repeating a combined, “Ooh, Ooh-Ooh … The roses were left to melt.” At the very least, this will leave you wanting potato chips, but hey, that’s not that bad. –Lizz Corrigan