September 2014 Local Music Reviews

Local Review: Merchant Royal – Self-Titled

Merchant Royal
Street: 08.30
Merchant Royal = Duffy + Heartless Bastards
Merchant Royal have been perfecting their material, performing all around town for the past two years, and the release of their EP is a happy day for their many local fans. I have had the great pleasure of seeing them perform live several times, and I really love Christina Manteris’ bluesy vocals. Rich and velvety, they spread all over the delicious vintage-inspired instrumentation like butter on toast. The band is full of talent, and they work hard for their audience—the show is worth your time, every time. This EP is a delightful little taste of what the band is offering, but don’t be fooled: If you wanna get the real-deal experience, you gotta see them live. Best plan? Go to a show to get that buzz, then take the EP home to keep it going. –Ischa B