December Local Music Reviews

Local Review: Michael Biggs – Gold

Michael Biggs
Street: 09.22
Michael Biggs = Goblin + Mirage
Salt Lake’s dark side is finally coming out of the woodwork. Here’s Michael Biggs’ Gold, a cassette release filled with October imagery and cinematic Italo disco sounds. Musically, Gold is an incredible romp through classic cult film soundtrack territory, a musical montage of campy organ sounds, noodling guitars and gasps of atmospheric synths. One issue that I can’t digest is Biggs’ vocals, which are filtered beyond campiness where they fall flat and cheapen the already over-the-top Halloween camp of his lyrics. “Strong” is my favorite track—it’s where Biggs’ sonic manipulation shines without filtered vocals. Though it doesn’t have as unified a vision as the trendy revivalists at Italians Do It Better, Gold delivers something sorely lacking in Salt Lake’s music scene. –Christian Schultz