May 2015 Local Music Reviews

Local Review: Mideau – Self-Titled

Mumbleak Music
Street: 04.21
Mideau = Daughter x Jenny Lewis

How many times have I raved about the elegant, delicate musical prowess of Mideau? A lot—and I will continue to do so until they receive the attention and praise I feel they deserve. This time around, we have their full-length release complete with demos of “Benny” and “Way with Words,” which add a distinctly human touch and round out the album nicely. Libbie Linton’s organic vocals atop Spencer J. Harrison’s dreamy, shoegaze-y instrumentals create a beautiful juxtaposition between the electronic world and the traditional indie-rock world. If you somehow haven’t heard the allencompassing natural aura that makes Mideau, here’s your introduction. All hail Mideau, our newest indie darlings. –Allison Shephard