January 2014 Local Music Reviews

Local Review: Ok Ikumi – 10/13

OK Ikumi
Street: 10.21.13
OK Ikumi = Kraftwerk + Chrome Sparks
Karl Jørgensen, you rat bastard, what have you done with my brain? I have fallen in love with this album and refuse to take it off repeat. OK Ikumi‘s aqueous album, 10/13, has been flowing through my head the past few weeks now, and I can’t seem to shake the sounds from out of my ears. “Red Air” and “Fading” are the most crucial elements that make this album the perfect reflection of astral ambiance. Jørgensen’s builds are effortless and defy gravity, and his drops are so subtle, yet satisfying. Throughout each track, Jørgensen skillfully brings out certain elements (a resounding note or kick), building the volume until your unconscious mind can barely take it anymore before slowly releasing it to fade back in place. The album’s sound is amazingly polished and clean, and I honestly haven’t felt this inspired by a release in a long, long while. –Kamryn Feigel