July 2014 Local Music Reviews

Local Review: OK Ikumi – Outside

OK Ikumi


Hel Audio

Street: 04.30

OK Ikumi = Corduroi + Ethernet

Once again, Karl Jørgensen has won over my heart with the ambient sounds of his latest synthesized magnum opus. This time, Outside translated into a more themed, cohesive work than its predecessor 10/13. The collection of sounds weaves an intricate tapestry of a soundscape from another world, a dream or some alternate reality—something so familiar yet distinctly unique. The opening track, “Outside,” stands out, and I loved both remixes done by the complementary Mooninite and RS2090, which are included in the digital release. “Try” was, without a doubt, my favorite piece on the album with its stimulating build. It resembles something one would expect to hear as the theme song to a cute hero of the next big RPG. Jørgensen’s work never ceases to impress. Get your hands on a copy of this album on vinyl if you can. If the stunning artwork doesn’t lure you in, the cosmic lullabies certainly will. –Kamryn Feigel