Tree and Stone
Street: 04.15
Oxcross = USX + Clutch + Karma To Burn

Heavy and extremely loud rockers Oxcross bring forth the riffs. Those riffs flow like the springs and streams of the Wasatch Front, starting as trickles and turning into massive rivers. There’s a familiarity in the styles Oxcross throw down, but not so familiar to make them feel like a clone of something else. The record has an inspiring effect, at least for me, to listen to dozens of other bands that were stuffed in the nooks of my mind. It’s riff after riff, and they’re written with the utmost panache. The production is beyond superb, and listening to a digital version of the album feels intensely close to listening to vinyl. The rich sound in a digital package begs for a vinyl release. That could be a complete mind blow. –Bryer Wharton