September 2014 Local Music Reviews

Local Review: P.K. Workman – I Follow Darkness

P.K. Workman
I Follow Darkness
Street: 03.07
P.K. Workman = The Bats + The Wallflowers
Local (Vernal, Utah) singer/songwriter Paul Kellett, of P.K. Workman, is a longtime-coming solo artist: always seeking band-life, but finding his widest wingspan on a solo flight. He recently released his brand-new EP, I Follow Darkness, which is an indie-pop/folk lamentation composed over four tracks, like, “Who knew that life was so sad,” on “Who Knows.” He’s strong on the guitar, switching between electric and acoustic to showcase his versatility. One minute, he sounds folky and twangy, then indie and punk the next. He is a particularly skilled musician, but what struck me most were the lyrics. On the title track, he affirms, “I follow darkness so it doesn’t follow me”—even with the morbidity of these words, they feel resilient. –Lizz Corrigan