April 2015 Local Music Reviews

Local Review: PTO – Jealousy Song/Wants To Be Wanted 7”

Jealousy Song / Wants to be Wanted 7”
Street: 11.14.14
PTO = Weezer + OK Go + Built to Spill

PTO are a band that reminds me of the earlyto mid-2000s era of punk rock that is sometimes indie and sometimes radio pop. For a local group, PTO mixed their instruments really well, and I enjoyed their tight percussion lines. The singer is refreshingly underproduced, which gives their sound an old-school, independent feel, and their angsty lyrics about being confused by the nature of relationships adds to their aura of teenage nostalgia. However, this recently released 7” contains two songs from their full-length album, “Pointless” from back in 2012. If you haven’t listened to this in its entirety, the 7” implies a much more Fountains of Wayne–type of band than some of the other songs they’ve come out with. That being said, this EP is a nice punk rock sampler, but I can’t help but wonder what PTO has been up to since then. –Nic Smith