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red bennies

Red Bennies
Adult Sophisticates

Rest 30
Red Bennies = 40s big band + 50s garage + 70s soloing

I can’t give Red Bennies a bad review because one of the members used to be my next-door neighbor, and when I would get hungry, I would go over to their house and his wife would serve me Splenda ice-cream bars and soft tacos. But I would never have to give them a bad review because Red Bennies are always predictably splendid. Adult Sophisticates is a re-release of favorite Red Bennies tracks with different mixes and even more of a dollop of passion than when they were first recorded, mixed with some new tracks, but I’m not telling you what they are because you deserve to be surprised. Dave Payne’s vocals scrub you raw with abrasiveness, Paul Butterfield’s backups are getting downright flayling, and Dan Thomas’ drumming is like being boxed in the noggin by Andre the Giant for 30 minutes straight. www.rest30.com