November 2013 Local Music Reviews

Local Review: Replica Mine – A Ghost In The Womb

Replica Mine
A Ghost In The Womb (Part 1: Acceptance & Part 2: Devastation)
Street: 02.10.12 & 01.25
Replica Mine = Depeche Mode + Tool + NIN
Part 1: Acceptance begins softly and sweetly, with a simple guitar riff and some breathy vocals. Things quickly evolve with electronic details and effects that give a definite ’80s synthpop kind of feel. The male vocal styling is low and unobtrusive, mixed in so it’s almost more a part of the instrumentation than a lead. The five songs on Part 1 are lovely and mellow, but have a hint of darkness that keeps the music leaning more toward industrial and less toward pop. Part 2: Devastation is much more energetic, with an assertive electric guitar, more present drums and screaming vocals. Truly, though, the most noticeable difference between Part 1 and Part 2 is the vocal style, which makes it a really interesting example of how vocals can change the whole feel of the music. There is a definite flow throughout each EP separately and together, and certainly a bit of a concept. It feels thought-out and polished, and shows that Adam Harmon, the mastermind behind this solo project, doesn’t mess around. It’s good stuff. –Ischa B.