Local Reviews: All Systems Fail/@patia No

All Systems Fail/@patia No
2011 Split LP
Noseke Records
Street: 09.20
All Systems Fail = Behind Enemy Lines + Los Crudos + Severed Heads of State
@patia No = Conflict + Phobia + From Ashes Rise
After waiting for roughly a year and a half, this split LP has finally dropped, and boy howdy, it’s a fucking doozy. Seven songs apiece from SLC’s most under-appreciated band, All Systems Fail, and Venezuelan anarchists        @patia No. The ASF side showcases songs that have been live favorites for a couple of years at least, and they sound absolutely brutal on this slab. You’d think that after almost 10 years of ear- and mind-pummeling anarchist hardcore, ASF would have begun to show signs of slowing down, but that is simply not the case—the songs on this sucker are as fast, poignant and angry as anything else they have ever released. The @patia No side delivers one hell of a punch, as well. The vocals are entirely in Spanish, traded off between Dis-style snarls and grind-flavored grunts, and it’s not exactly difficult to tell that these folks are pissed. If you consider yourself “punk” and you haven’t picked this up yet, please turn in your patched and studded vest and cut off your goddamned liberty spikes—you’re officially kicked out of punk rock.