Local Reviews: Bearcats

The Wildfire Magic (EP)
Street: 11.12.10
Bearcats = Seawolf + Weezer + Simon & Garfunkel
Abandoning prior cred and a full-length album of material, the three remaining members of Atl Atl renamed themselves and pushed out a quick studio recording. This six-track album would be your average, easily forgotten indie album with snapping drum trickery and simplistic guitars if it wasn’t for one big standout: The entire set of vocals are composed in perfect harmony. The trio found themselves a good balance as a mini-choir where some lyrics could be forgotten as background noise. They threw emphasis behind them and made the entire album a damn-near singalong. The Wildfire Magic shows a lot of promise that new fans can dig, while serving as a decent bridge for old fans of the now defunct Atl Atl to cross. It’s worth a listen.