Local Reviews: Blitzkrieg Witchcraft

Blitzkrieg Witchcraft
Recorded Live at Raunch
Street: 10.01
Blitzkrieg Witchcraft = Void + Noothgrush + Dystopia
A follow up on last year’s Burst of Fire demo, Blitzkrieg Witchcraft continues digging at that crusty scab, coaxing a virulent anarcho-sludge blend to the surface, but opting for strained atmospherics over speed. “No Faith” is a wobbly intro that’s as doomy as it is unnecessary, but “Mais” picks it up, seething like a faster, sloppier Void practice tape. “Cisne” and “Lentamente” are painful crawlers, the latter bellowing like a My War-era Rollins flaying himself over the smoldering remains of a forgotten Sonic Youth b-Side, and most of the lyrics are in Portuguese, but it ends on a solid high with a strong Rudimentary Peni cover (featuring Raunch Records’ own Brad Collins on skins) and a couple o’ snotty thrashers. Some painful diversions (Grief just ain’t everyone’s bag) but good overall. Peep their Myspace to snag a copy for $3.