Local Reviews: Bootload Of Boogie

Bootload Of Boogie
Sweaxxy Chogg (EP)
Scratch It Back Records
Street: 10.07.10
B.O.B. = Cake + Bloodhound Gang + open mic night at the strip club
There are times when you can judge an album based on its cover. From the cover art that harkens back to National Lampoon designs to song titles like “Go-Go Ho Sale” and “If You Don’t Love Me (Just Fake It)” and the half-assed attempts at lyric writing, you’d swear Sweaxxy Chogg was made on a dare. It’s as if all three members thought of a bunch of inside gags in high school and then put them to music. The instrumentation is decent yet distant, like it was recorded in a gardening shed. If freshman sex humor and three-chord-punk is your thing, then this album will be right up your alley. If not, keep flipping to The Brobecks.