Local Reviews: Cave of Roses

[The Velvet Knuckles]Cave of Roses
Cave of Roses = Opeth + Dark Tranquillity
The oddly named Cave of Roses, one of the Utah metal scene's best-kept secrets, is finally unleashed upon us with this, Redemption, their first demo. Only a three-piece, these guys have more technicality and aggression inside them than lots of other bands combined! There are going to be many comparisons made with the obvious: Messhugah, Opeth, In Flames, Dark Tranquillity, Dimmu Borgir. That's OK, because having heard those bands, I personally would take these guys any day. The boys seem to manage blending all of these styles perfectly, while keeping a raw edge, although of course, you can still hear the influence of the aforementioned bands. In time, expect these guys to do great things worldwide.