Local Reviews: Christopher Anthony Leibow

Christopher Anthony Leibow
She Leaves Me Small Gifts: A Few Love Poems
Street: 2011
Cohesive and composed, read aloud by a deep, sensual male voice, and accompanied by simple and unobtrusive classic piano and guitar melodies, this collection of poems tells a story of the experience of relationship. Sometimes weird and super personal as poetry and art tend to be, it would nevertheless (or perhaps more so) be a fun CD to put on in the background of a party to see if anyone noticed. Things might start getting a li’l freaky because, as I said, we’ve got a deep, sensual male voice describing various aspects of a relationship, including passages such as my personal favorite, “someone is desperately fucking in the room next door ...” on Track 9. You never even knew you were into poetry until this CD became your album to fuck by. I started wondering if that deep hum of a voice was enough vibration to, well, I think you get the idea. Stick it in to get off, I say.