Local Reviews: City Weekly Compilation

City Weekly Compilation 
2007 Slammys
Self Released
Street: 2007
Slammys = Salt Lake sound + star treatment + "Haven't I already heard this?" 
If the indiscreet wordplay hasn't already tipped you off, the 2007 Slammys are City Weekly's equivalent of the local Grammy Awards, selecting winners in every genre the city has to offer. Although the compilation boasts a wide array of artists, labeling gets a little blurred from time to time (example: Best Rock/Pop, Best Acoustic/Folk, etc.), leaving artists who could have filled the counter-genres unaccounted for. Additionally the compilation tends to pick tracks that don't do the artist real justice. Best DJ/Turntablist winner DJ Knucklez, is represented with a low-tempo track that falls short of expectations and the selection for Royal Bliss will make those unfamiliar think they're pop-country. It isn't so much a bad choice in awarding as it is poor representation. Overall, the compilation is a good mix, but if you're already a familiar with the artists, you won't miss much by sitting this one out.