Local Reviews: David Williams

David Williams
Parade OST
Street: 08.19
David Williams = Bob Dylan + Devendra Banhart
This is the soundtrack that finally completed the film Parade, written in 2005 and shown in festivals in 2008. Writer and director Brandon Cahoon had been looking for just the right music to go with his film, and having heard David Williams’ music at Slowtrain, commissioned him to write the score. The result is a soundtrack that captures the poignancy of adolescence and the loneliness of the central Utah desert, themes that the film is based around. Any film score is a part of a greater work, and as such, tends not to hold up as well on its own; this one is no exception. That being said, there are three or four songs on here that are as good as anything Williams has recorded, and possibly more accessible. For the full experience, though, you need to see the film, too.