Local Reviews: Dirty Blonde

Dirty Blonde
Street: 08.02
Dirty Blonde = AC/DC + Kings Of Leon 
Dirty Blonde is an all-out fist fight, and someone just got cut with a bottle of Bud. I can’t hear this band without thinking of the movie Road House. This EP is a piece of straightforward, bar rock n’ roll. On track one, “See You Next Tuesday,” singer Spencer Flowers belts out the following little love note: “Cool heartbreaker, there’s a special place in hell for you!” followed by a rippin’ guitar solo. The band does a good job of keeping the energy up. For some nice dual guitar work, check out the track “King’s Men.” Track three, “Black City,” sounds like a slowed down thrash song—I would love to hear it played fast as fuck. The breakdown is pretty cool, it reminds me a little of “Paradise City.” When the band breaks into chants of “black city,” I wanted to hear a little more enthusiasm at the song’s crescendo and at its close. The album could use a slight change of pace, and at times it’s difficult to tell the difference between one song and another. Some of the guitar riffs could be accented by more lead parts as well. My personal favorite on the album is the final track which is the only acoustic track on the album, “Red Room.”