Local Reviews: Erin Barra

Erin Barra
Meryl Music Distribution
Street: 09.06
Erin Barra = Nelly Furtado + Macy Gray + Steely Dan
An SLC-native musician we can all be proud to call one of our own, Erin Barra has it—that “je ne sais quois,” as the French say. Star-fucking-quality, just to be clear. Illusions, her sophomore release, is top-notch shit. These are songs that I expect to hear in the background of a movie coming out in the future, or as the theme song for a new TV show. Bonus: Not only are they commercially usable songs, the album is a total pleasure to listen to. Soothing, bouncy and full of soul, Barra coos over the sometimes jazzy, sometimes electro-tastic tracks that she wrote—all except one exceptionally personalized cover song, of Genesis’ “That’s All.” Three short little ditties, “Interludes”—interjected between the main pieces—just refine the album all the more as a bona fide piece of art, a full-on composition piece by a very talented and educated musician. Kudos, Erin. You make us look good!