Local Reviews: Hearsay

Lost Direction
Street: 10.07.09
Hearsay = Sprung Monkey + Blink 182 + Dogwood
Poppy punk chops are fun to listen to and that’s all there is to it.  Doesn’t matter how high-pitched the vocals, how emo the subject matter, or how derivative the melodies.  Those things are secondary.  Hearsay is about playing power drums and rock guitar with energy.  Perfectly moshable rhythms, staccato fills, and guttural bass punctuate the tightly structured songs.  “Upbreaks and Breakdowns” is a great example of the attitude.  They’re clearly having a blast while playing. That being said, I thought these guys could’ve branched out a little.  The fun never really crystallized into something catchy enough to warrant repeated listens.  Nothing was really dramatic enough for a spot in a sports video.  After a while, the vocals were starting to get grating.  You know on second thought, there’s a lot of room for improvement in this fun.  Chops are one thing—inspiration is another, but don’t give up Hearsay.