Local Reviews: J-Real

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Street: 09.17
J-Real = T-Pain + Ja Rule + Nelly
This is just bad marketing. So much of this album is a waste of time. Not so much the music parts, more the cee-lo instructions, like your target market doesn’t already know how to roll bones curbside. “Million Dollar Swag” is spit over the  “Nissan, Honda, Chevy” beat, and still doesn’t hold up to the other 350 artist to spit over it. “All By Myself” is another almost-there attempt. This self-reflecting, open honesty track is nothing new all the way around. We get it, you’re on some other shit, bigger than money and you stand alone. Got it. This album hints at a serious Bar Exam 3 influence. I understand the desire to use someone else’s beat, however, when you use some of the most popular beats of our generation, people tend to take notice. J-Real is a future pop sensation. I kid.