Local Reviews: Joshua Payne Orchestra

Joshua Payne Orchestra
Street: 09.12
Joshua Payne Orchestra = Duke Ellington + Charles Mingus
Zoom is going to be the record you put on the top of the pile, where your friends will be sure see it. Each jammy, heavily rhythmic, hooky tune is as good as or better than the last. You’ll find yourself humming melodies from “La La La” and “SLUG” as if they were lyric-less primary songs written for Miles Davis’ grandkids. The title track, “Zoom,” has an uncharacteristically straightforward drumbeat, which serves to fuel the slow build of the orchestra, until the bass takes over with a driving solo that never gets to the point of low-end pretention. In fact, JPO never sounds pretentious, even though they have every reason to be. The whole record feels like less-is-more, street jazz perfection.  So stop by Graywhale (or the mp3 retailer of your choice) and let JPO lure you into their world, where jazz is still played on street corners.