Local Reviews: Loom/Prize Country

Loom/Prize Country
Clutches 10"
Street: 2.08
Clutches = Bear vs. Shark + (Kick the Dog + Anima Nera)
Loom and Prize Country pair up for this split EP from Exigent. Like kissing cousins at a family reunion, Loom is the agonized genius hanging out in the back room gnawing on beakers and discovering the secrets of the universe while Prize Country is the Pabst-guzzling uncle with a two-foot beard and a long and lively prison record. The pairing works�all that is heavy, technical, scintillating and scalpel-y about Loom complements PC's heavy, bold, risk-taking riffs. Both have an edge of cutting, fascinating intensity while retaining their own personality. Loom is becoming one of my favorite local acts, with lyrics that cut like glass shards and impossible, soaring electric violin riffs. PC has always had a special place in my heart. Even if I'm still having Jake abandonment issues.