Local Reviews: Max Pain & The Groovies

Max Pain & The Groovies
Five To Groove EP
Street: 11.19.10
MP&TG = The Doors + Cream + Violent Femmes
Channeling the late ‘60s/early ‘70s groove that once fueled the Human Be-In and the Summer Of Love, Pain and company find a niche between the psychedelic and heavy rock for their own modern movement. The heavy guitar riffs echo out of every track like a continuous wave of reverb, bending and weaving without a break and are accompanied by a cool bass and drumbeat that keep pace throughout. Even the solos sound like they’re perfectly synced with the band instead of a squealing standout. Although they’ve only been playing together for roughly two years, on Five to Groove it sounds like they’ve been playing together for a decade. Pain’s vocals, while passionate and almost remorseful at times, invoke the traditional frontman role and do a masterful job of setting the mood. Coming in at 32 minutes, double that of an average EP, Five to Groove seals the deal by giving listeners a full experience, instead of just a slight taste.